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Project Approach

The MOLAN project is designed to be carried out in three stages.

STAGE ONE: preparation, collection, and analysis of case studies from the higher education and school sectors

STAGE TWO: to disseminate the insights gained in Year One, preparation of a handbook, and of a web-based system for targeted information retrieval

STAGE THREE: dissemination of project findings; preparation of impact studies; initiation of steps designed to ensure the sustainability and further development of the network.

MOLAN Stage I (2007-2008)

Preparation and analysis of higher education case studies of successful institutional policies, strategies and practices
Work package leader: Ian Tudor (Université Libre de Bruxelles, BE)

Preparation and analysis of school education case studies of successful institutional policies, strategies and practices
Work package leader: Marc Durando (European Schoolnet, BE)

In addition, project-external schools and higher education institutions have been invited to prepare and submit additional case studies. In order to ensure transparency and comparability and to underline the European dimension of the MOLAN network, common structures were developed for the two types of case studies.

MOLAN Stage II (2008-2009)

In order to disseminate the findings of the case studies, a web-based system will be created, which will allow targeted information retrieval. Final reports of the two work packages of Stage I will be published online, along with selected case studies. Furthermore, a handbook on good practice will be prepared.

Moreover, the heads of partner institutions will be encouraged to assess and further develop their own policies and practices in the light of network findings.

MOLAN Stage III (2009-2010)

In the final stage of the project, impact reports will be prepared along with a statement on institutional and system-based policies that serve to motivate learners. MOLAN will culminate in a major European dissemination conference and the release of a formal end-of-project declaration in all the official languages; the declaration will be sent to authorities, organisations and institutions at all levels.

The outcomes of the network will be further exploited with a view to ensuring sustainability, including the creation of national and regional relay points, and of language learning networks.


MOLAN maintenance

The MOLAN network project officially ended on 28 February 2011. However, the project Web site and the MOLAN Information System will be kept alive by the CEL/ELC for the foreseeable future – and this for two reasons.

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